Our Service

AMEL sees huge opportunity in the industrial equipment supply business. This is due to the greater attention and incentives the country has given to support businesses joining in the industrialization endeavor of the country. To achieve this initiative, a number of industrial zones are being set up in strategic parts of Ethiopia. Factories of various sizes are cropping up everywhere churning out products for both domestic and export market. Sugar factories, fertilizer factories, and infrastructure development are a few of the areas the country has embarked on in order to bring to reality in the coming years.

With the right partners already lined up, AMEL is at the forefront to bring end-to-end solutions our customers that need various products and services to support them our customers with their projects and operations. Our solutions in this area span from furnishing the equipment that helps businesses set up manufacturing plants to giving inputs to products they make.



Alem Building #301, Bole St




  • Industrial equipment and tools
  • Industrial chemicals, industrial coatings
  • Protection equipment
  • LP gas fittings, LPG cylinders
  • Dispensers, especially for Beer factories with embossed logos.
  • Set of tools boxes of different sizes for maintenance of heave and light duty machineries
  • Mobile garage for field work
  • Mobile laboratory for engineering