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One of the sectors Ethiopia placed great importance and targeted for rapid expansion is the education sector. Tens of public universities and hundreds of vocational training institutions have been established throughout the country with more on the pipeline. In addition, a number of private universities and colleges are cropping up at every corner of the country. High schools are also being built in hundreds to keep up with the economy and demographic growth and to make universal education availability a reality.

AMEL supplies of educational laboratory equipment to new and existing higher learning institutions. In the past two years, AMEL has been involved in educational laboratory including military aviation technology supplies. AMEL is now at the forefront of supplying educational equipment that is scalable and customizable to meet the needs of each institution.
The solutions we offer to educational institutions include:

  • Machineries such as for for vocational schools
  • Equipment used in various departments
  • Laboratory equipment used as teaching aid tools
  • Military aviation parts.
  • Military aviation parts.
  • Assist our customers with their vocational training needs

With the exploding demand for educational supplies, AMEL is just scratching the surface. With the right partners, we believe we can expand our market share at a very rapid rate.



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