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AMEL Business PLC established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2005, AMEL aims to provide its customers with the best products in the market sourced from world-class manufacturers at a competitive price with the shortest amount of time possible. We leveraged our extensive experience and wide-ranging relationships and network formed both in and outside of the country to assemble a team of highly trained professionals that make the AMEL PLC staff and to form partnerships with entities in various countries.

Despite its relatively recent formation, AMEL swiftly established its reputation as the go-to company that delivers on its promises and earned the confidence of its customers and business partners in a very short period of time. AMEL is now known in the business as importer and distributor of premium products and trusted Ethiopian agent of major international companies. AMEL staff is continuously trained to paying careful attention to customers’ specific needs and striving to meet those needs efficiently. From the beginning, AMEL made a strategic decision, instead of expanding its products and services to include more product lines, to rather specialize in a selected group of products and give the best and highest quality service to our customers in delivering those products. In choosing to specialize in what its staff knows best, the company allows itself to give its customers the personal touch they deserve and have come to expect from AMEL. When the company introduces new line of product in the Ethiopian market, it does due diligence by doing extensive research in demand and supply, quality of product, reliability of supplier, and viability of the product in the market. Once that is established, intensive staff training follows to make sure AMEL specializes in the new product before introducing it to the market.

AMEL relies on the relationships it forms with companies outside of Ethiopia to supply its products to its customers. Cognizant of the importance of this relationships and partnerships, AMEL carefully analyzes companies before it selects to act as their agent and representative in Ethiopia. AMEL’s solutions include:

1.Educational equipment supplies
2.Industrial chemical supplies
3.Industrial equipment and machinery supplies
4.Power sector supply

With its strategically positioned agile workforce spread through Ethiopia and the support of its strategic partners, AMEL is changing the game in the area of product and service delivery throughout the country. AMEL’s commitment to customers goes beyond the delivery of products and encompasses training and after-sales services. In addition, AMEL renders Procurement and Logistic Consultancy service to our customers.


At AMEL Business PLC, it is our obligation to provide our clients with the most advanced high-quality solutions available. The products our suppliers offer represent some of the best values and well-known brands in each industry. Our aim is to act as a trusted extension of the companies we represent in Ethiopia to deliver high-quality, reliable goods and services at competitive prices, resulting in total customer satisfaction.

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