What We Do

  • Educational Laboratory Equipment

    We supply educational laboratory equipment to new and  existing higher learning institutions. We supply educational equipment that is scalable and customizable to meet the needs of each institution.

  • Industrial and Construction Material

    AMEL supports businesses who are engaged in the industrialization and construction endeavor of the country.

  • Industrial Chemical

    AMEL supplies industrial chemicals of various types to business. We keep track of innovations in this area and deliver environmentally friendly products.

  • Power Sector

    AMEL is primarily involved in the development and marketing of novel solutions for the generation and distribution of electricity. Companies herein cover a wide spectrum of underlying science and end-market applications.

Commitment To Innovation


Excellent Service

AMEL uses established guidelines to ensure complete and successful delivery of products and services. We constantly evaluate and measure our customer satisfaction.

Superior Products

AMEL delivers a list of high quality products and services by partnering with the world leading organizations such as Cromwell, R & H, REHIN, CCC Machinery, SUNBELT Corp and many more.

Skilled Workforce

AMEL has staff with specific skills to address activities at various phases of a project. Our expertise in product distributions and efficient logistical operations is our trademark.

One –Stop Shopping

We offer a broad range of services that cover a wide range of products under one organized structure. Our end-to-end solution offers efficient service with accountability integrated at every level of the organization to ensure success.

Honesty and Professional integrity.

Our Partners